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You’re Invited: 2nd Annual Toronto International Stereoscopic 3D Conference

Aug 26, 2013

Registration and more information: York University’s 3D Film Innovation Consortium (3D FLIC) is pleased to invite you to the 2nd Annual Toronto International Stereoscopic 3D Conference, on September 20-23, 2013.

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March 26th 3D FLIC 2D/3D Conversion Workshop Registration

Mar 20, 2013

With the vast availability of 3D projection screens today, the discussion of when and why to consider 2D to 3D conversion is as relevant to the filmmaker as ever. Toronto’s 3D Film Innovation Consortium (3DFLIC) presents an intimate panel discussion and debate on one of the most significant topics in contemporary Stereo-3D cinema. Register at

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Ontario's Film Industry Talks High Frame Rate 3D at Pinewood Toronto Studios

Dec 17, 2012

Over one hundred of Ontario’s film industry professionals and academic researchers took part in a one-day high frame rate (HFR) 3D workshop last month. Panelists from all areas of production discussed the challenges and opportunities presented by the technology pioneered in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

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Christie Hosting High Frame Rate Expert Panel at SIGGRAPH 2012

Aug 08, 2012

Kitchener, Ontario-based Christie Digital, a world leader in visual display technologies, and the first company in the world to publically demonstrate 3D High Frame Rate (HFR) cinema using a single projector ,will be presenting at this year’s SIGGRAPH HFR Panel. Their presentation, “High Frame Rate Cinema, Impacts on Art and Technology” will be held Wednesday, August, 8 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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3D Ontario’s Official Launch Draws Key Industry, Academic and Government Players Committed to Building the Province’s 3D Capacity

Apr 10, 2012

On March 28, representatives from Ontario’s film, television and gaming sectors met to celebrate and discuss the province’s status as a centre for 3D. The event, which took place at the Design Exchange in downtown Toronto, was the official launch of 3D Ontario.

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Mar 28, 2012 is open for registration and profile uploading. Companies, individuals, organizations, guilds, unions, and academic institutions are able to join an online, searchable database, viewable by both local and international companies searching for Ontario-based 3D expertise or services. The site will include featured articles, such as those below on Demetri Portelli, award-winning stereographer (Hugo), and the current production by 3D IMAX production company SK Films.

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